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Blood order

"I've come to see Miss Dongfang" said Fu Shaohua "Unfortunately Miss Dongfang has moved away" "That's a coincidence" said the strong man in black "To tell you the truth Fu Shaozhu said that the younger one also came to the inn to wait for you or Master Tie or Master Shang People from all walks of life must have had an accident My girl misses you I don't know how you are but I don't know where you live My girl said that maybe you would ask Master Tie or Master Shang to come to the inn to send a message So let the little one come here to try his luck I don't want you to come in person So you're all right My girl can rest assured Fu Shaohua could not bear to listen When the strong man in black Plant Extracts finished speaking he said "I'm not at ease to come and have a look I remember that the Oriental girl said she would move The Oriental girl didn't tell me where to go so I had to come to the inn to try my luck How are the Oriental girl and your brothers" "Thank you" said the strong man in black "It's all right from the girl to the brothers To tell you the truth my girl has seen through their tricks long ago so she didn't get the card of benevolence at all Have you seen through them long ago" Fu Shaohua shook his head and said "I'm not as good as the Oriental girl I didn't realize it until I heard that there was half a blood order hidden in the charity card" "You're welcome" said the strong man in black "Would you like to come to our place Our girl has a house not far from here It's a nice house with a courtyard and a back garden" Fu Shaohua hesitated for a moment and said "The purpose of my visit is to see the Oriental girl Since I already know that the Oriental girl is safe and sound I won't bother her" The strong man in black said "My girl told me that if I saw you I would ask you to come and sit down" Fu Shaohua thought meet each other will be a little embarrassed also can not say anything it is better not to see "No" he said "I have something else to do I'll go to see the Oriental Girl another day" "Well" said the strong man in black Since you have something to do the younger one will leave The strong man in black gave a gift and Fu Shaohua stood in the yard for a while feeling strange in his heart He could not tell what kind of feeling it was but felt a little nervous and his heart was beating violently The Iraqi was unharmed and there was nothing to miss in his heart He was ready to look around and go back Just out of the door of the inn Shang Er came face to face Fu Shaohua was stunned Then he felt a fever on his face "Why are you here" He asked Shang Er looked as if nothing had happened and said "As soon as you left Ma Si sent another message saying that they had sent a large number of people including Ma Si and others from other camps to inspect the city Those who were poisoned would be deprived of their martial arts and locked up first and those who were not poisoned would be killed Everyone is worried about you Let me invite you back" When Fu Shaohua heard this he raised his eyebrows and said "Those who are poisoned will lose their martial arts Those who are not poisoned will be killed They are so poisonous!" His eyes suddenly froze and he said "Do you still use useless martial arts if you have been poisoned" "You don't know" said Shang Er "According to the new news China Chemicals that kind of poison won't kill people It will only make people faint for a while They have calculated that the poison will disappear naturally after the Dragon Boat Festival At that time they are afraid that people from all walks of life will make trouble so they just take drastic measures now to eliminate hidden dangers forever" Fu Shaohua said "If Xia Baozhen came up with this brilliant idea he didn't care about the same language and the same feelings" Shang Er said with a sneer "The Qing Dynasty has given him splendor and wealth Would he care about anything else If he had cared about anything else he would not have been an official of the Aisin Gioro Dynasty" Fu Shaohua said "Why does he love the people like a son in Shandong When he comes to Beijing he is so vicious and vicious when dealing with Jianghu people" "This time and that time young master" said Shang Er Fu Shaohua said "Whether it's the White Lotus Sect or the Heaven and Earth Society even though they've come to seize the half of the blood order and even though they're enemies and not friends with us we can't let them get hurt by the bandits" "What are you going to do" Asked Shang Er "Can't you save them" "I have this plan" said Fu Shaohua ” "It's too late young master" said Shang Er "People from all walks of life live in scattered places How can we save them" Fu Shaohua raised his eyebrows and said "I'll take a drastic measure too Let's go straight to Xia Baozhen" "By the way" said Shang Er "I haven't told you yet Ma Si said that Xia Baozhen's office of the assistant minister of the Ministry of Works was set up at the PMedicinal Plant Raw Materials back of the White Pagoda Temple inside the Fu City Gate" Fu Shaohua was in a daze and said "Why Not in the inner city Xia Baozhen is too bold The outer city is full of Jianghu people now Isn't he afraid" "What's he afraid of" Asked Shang Er "He's got all kinds of people under his control now" Fu Shaohua shook his head and said "Since he said there was no poisoning it serves to show that he knows that people from all walks of life will not be fooled by him In this case he dares to live in the outer city especially in front of the White Pagoda Temple where people from all walks of life gather these days He must have something to rely on It's not too late to go Let's go and have a look" Take Shang Er to the White Pagoda Temple Moments later they collapsed the White Pagoda Temple looking at the big house next to the White Pagoda Temple Fu Shaohua frowned and frowned deeply The big house in front of us is vast and deep and the trees in the courtyard are dense which makes people feel that they don't know how deep they are Look at the two doors the two big lions at the door and the circle of walls that are ten feet high and you can see that this big house has just been repaired The gate was freshly painted the walls were freshly painted and even the two stone lions were freshly washed On the door hung a new horizontal plaque with two big characters "Xia Fu" It was Xia Baozhen's residence but the assistant minister of the Ministry of Works did not even have a gatekeeper The two red lacquer doors were closed and it was quiet inside and outside and no human voice could be heard It's mysterious! "What's the matter" Asked Shang Er "It's unfathomable" Fu Shaohua stared at the big house in front of him and did not speak "Shall I take a closer look" Asked Shang Er He stepped to go Fu Shaohua stopped him with his hand and said "I can't go Shang Er" "Why" said Shang Er "are you afraid of an ambush" 。