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As expected, Chen Gongwei expressed his intention and said, "Mr. Mo, if you are interested, why don't you go to the mass grave to have a look?" "All right," Mo Jiayu answered cheerfully. "Shall we leave when we meet?" "I'll go right away.." said Chen Gongwei. "Then I'll change my clothes.." said Mo Jiayu. He got up to plead guilty and hurried out of the study. In a moment he had changed into a short suit and come in. But seeing that he had the arms of an ape and the waist of a wasp, he was really a talented person. He took off the sword on the wall, and Chen Gongwei watched his movements, only to see him carry the sword in his left hand and make a gesture of going out immediately. Chen Gongwei smiled and said, "Mr. Mo, wait a minute!" "What can I do for you, Lord Chen?" Asked Mo Jiayu. "How much more does Mr. Mo know about the mass graves?" Asked Chen Gongwei? Why not say it for reference? Mo Jiayu was stunned. "What did Lord Chen say?" He asked. Chen Gongwei said, "Although the mass grave is not a good place, my brother has no intention of showing caution and vigilance when he sees your movements. So my brother dares to assert that you know a lot, but he just didn't say it." Mo Jiayu was shocked. It was the first time in his life that he had met such a powerful person. Of course, he can also pretend to go on, I think that Chen Gongwei will not be deeply questioned. But if this is done, it will certainly open Chen Gongwei's suspicion and spy on him, which will bring great inconvenience. As soon as he changed his mind, he decided on Ying Cai's attitude and immediately said, "Lord Chen really deserves to be called a matchless detective.". To tell you the truth, I have learned from Zhang yuan that there are several witches entrenched in the mass grave. According to their vicious tactics,Quercetin Dihydrate Manufacturer, it is expected that they must be vicious and ferocious people, so I have to be careful! He knew more than that, but Chen Gongwei was satisfied with it. Master Mo, can you find out the origin of these witches? "No, so I must go and see for myself." Mo Jiayu answered frankly that he really didn't know the origin of Du Jianniang. However, I have also carefully measured that if there is no Lord Chen, I will have to make an appointment with another helper before I dare to go. Chen Gongwei guessed that it must be because Zhang yuan, who was killed, had a lot of martial arts and suffered a terrible tragedy,Fungal Chitosan Manufacturer, so Mo Jiayu did not dare to act rashly. He smiled proudly and said, "Mr. Mo is so careful. It serves to show his wisdom.". But the climate of these witches is limited after all, and we don't have to worry too much. Mo Jiayu quickly took the opportunity to ask, "I dare to ask Lord Chen, what is the origin of these witches?" Chen Gongcheng said, "You may find it hard to believe that the leading sorceress is Du Jianniang, a famous actress who is popular all over the world." Mo Jiayu was so amazed that he could not even speak. This comes from the mouth of Chen Gongwei, of course, is 100% reliable, not to mention that Chen Gongwei personally stopped the people who tracked him. The place of the mass grave was originally chosen by them to deal with Liu Bin here. If Du Jianniang also took a fancy to this location, of course, it is likely to deal with the good minister Liu Bin. Mo Jiayu suffered because they could not kill Liu Bin, so as not to die without proof. It is mainly to seize the secret letter of collaboration with the enemy and use it as evidence to attack the treacherous prime minister. If Liu Bin died, then this secret letter, also equal to useless. But if Du Jianniang wanted to deal with Liu Bin, Thyroid Powder Factory ,Heme Iron Polypeptide, she would not be polite and would have to take his life. He really did not know what to do for a moment, because Du Jianniang could be said to be a fellow traveler, that is to say, everyone was attacking the treacherous phase. However, due to the differences in methods, great difficulties have arisen. "What else do you know, Master Mo?" Asked Chen Gongwei, with a sharp gleam in his eyes. It was obvious that Mo Jiayu's expression had given the game away. The king of the Mo family was shocked again. He quickly calmed down and thought, "This Chen Gongwei is not an ordinary man. If I want to hide my worries, I must find a perfect reason." Fortunately, he was also a man full of ingenuity. At that moment, he rolled his eyes slightly and said, "Lord Chen, to tell you the truth, Du Jianniang.." She. She.. "Oh?" Said Chen Gongwei? How is she? Mo Jiatian sighed and said, "She.." She doesn't seem to be an evildoer. "Why do you think so?" Asked Chen Gongwei. Mo Jiayu said, "I often praise her, and I'm quite familiar with her.". It is also said that she has always been a good woman of jade and ice. Chen Gongwei frowned discontentedly. After listening to these words, he already thought that Mo Jiayu had fallen in love with Du Jianniang, so he subjectively thought that she was not a person who did evil. This also explains why he looked wrong just now. This kind of reason for the feelings of men and women, the most convincing power, even Chen Gongwei this extraordinary figure, can not help but suspect. He straightened his face and said seriously, "Master Mo, a word of advice, brother. Many things in the world are beyond the expectation of ordinary people, and often some people can't see that they will do evil things on the surface.". In short, we must look for evidence, seek the truth, and never judge by superficial impression! Mo Jiayu said, "Lord Chen is very talkative, and I know that too. But sometimes I can't help thinking that way." He put his sword on the table, sighed a little disheartened, and said, "I don't want to go." "Don't regret it later if Mr. Mo changes his mind," said Chen Gongwei. Mo Jiayu said, "I can't change what has happened, but at least I can't attend. I don't want to help Lord Chen convict her." "All right," said Chen Gongwei, "I won't force you! I am very grateful to you for telling your servant today, and I will trouble him to testify in the future. He got up to leave, and Mo Jiayu saw the guest off and sent him out of the house. Back in the study, Old Chen Yu appeared quietly and said, "Mr. Mo, Old Huang has driven back. It is said that Old Cha has not reappeared." Mo Jiayu looked sad and said, "Old Cha, I'm afraid it's a bad luck." Old Chen Yu added, "Why don't you go with the detective Chen Gongwei?" "This man lives up to his reputation," said Mo Jiayu. "It's too dangerous to go with him. Besides, if Du Jianniang was dealing with the treacherous official Liu Bin,Berberine Hydrochloride Factory, we would have a big headache. Old Chen Yu, tell me, will I help Chen Gongwei catch her? Or just ignore it? 。