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Two little guys who are more beautiful than little angels and more spiritual than little fairies are too surprising. Whose children are these? It's a little incredible to be able to rise in the void not long after you were born. Two children have flown to the sky, not far away two flying immortals saw them, surprised mouth wide open, nearly fell into the sky. It took one of them a long time to come to his senses and say, "The little guy with the pacifier.." Unexpectedly. Can you fly?! The other was surprised for a long time before he said, "It's really unimaginable!" "Hello, two uncles in front of you." The little girl came waddling in the void. Tong Kongkong followed him, biting his pacifier and asking earnestly, "Do you know where Xiaoliudao is?" These two immortals had a lot of thoughts just now, and in an instant they moved a lot of thoughts. They wrapped up and abducted these two little guys to be apprentices. Such a clever child of Zhong Tiandi is really a rare talent and beauty between heaven and earth. If he can become the heir of the mantle. That's really a big chance! However, when they heard the words of the two children's inquiry, they immediately woke up. Surprised is almost fell into the air, small six where is that? Powerful gods dare not easily enter, the two children actually asked such a question, do not have to think too much to know their family background, I am afraid it is too much. Without avoiding trouble, the two immortals shook their heads and flew away quickly. No one knows. The two little guys had bitter faces. They looked at each other. I hear it seems to be in the human world. "Then run quickly,jujube seed powder, or you'll be caught again." Chen Nan will not know that there are two children who have set foot on the road to find Xiao Liu Dao and are heading for where he is. At this moment, it is entangled by green vines and is drawing the power of the source of life. Without his own absorption, the vines would pump power into his body. Although this is a slow process, the strength is growing all the time, and the feeling of harvest is indescribable. He wanted to fall into a deep sleep and wait for the harvest season to come, but he found that he could not sleep at all and remained awake all the time. It was at this time that he saw several fragments of Gudun Shigandang merged together. He flew over with the Xuanwu armor and the trapped rope and began to revolve around him. He seemed to want to return to his body, but he was blocked by the ivy and could not get close. Farther away,phycocyanin spirulina, Chen Nan also found the wings of the God King given to him by the God King of Dapeng. The faint golden light kept flowing and stayed above the small lake. And in the farthest distance, there is a ghost standing in the void. The tall shadow was in the darkness, holding a humanoid weapon in his hand and not moving. Even near the source of life, the divine light shone, but the brilliant light could not shine into the dark space where the soul was, and he stood still like an incarnation. But suddenly, he let out a deep roar and rushed into the small lake where the source of life gathered! This change. Chen Nan, who was entangled by the green vine, was startled. He hurriedly opened his heavenly eyes and watched. I saw a surge of water in the lake. The brilliant glory of life surged up, and the soul holding the human-shaped weapon. Stir up huge waves in it. The water of the lake was beaten up to the sky by him. In a trance, Chen Nan saw the scene at the bottom of the lake, his expression suddenly startled, lutein eye complex ,naringenin price, simply some can not believe their eyes! The vitality of life fluctuates violently, the endless bright divine light goes straight to the sky, the lake water stirs, and the bottom of the lake appears again. This time, Chen Nan thoroughly saw that it was not an illusion just now, there were several skeletons at the bottom of the lake! Above the skeleton, there seemed to be one or two faint shadows dancing, while the soul of the old ancestor of the Chen family, holding a human-shaped weapon, seemed to be confronting and conflicting with them! Chen Nan gasped, here is really strange to the extreme! What is the origin of those bones? Why immerse in the source of life? By feeling, he knew that it was definitely an old man! The lake kept stirring up big waves, but in the end it seemed that there was no fierce battle. Chen Zu's soul finally silently withdrew from the lake and stood over the lake, silently continuing the power of the source of life, motionless. This made Chen Nan very surprised, and he knew that most of the skeletons were put in by the mysterious young people in the cemetery of gods and demons. Time passed quickly, and after three months, Chen Nan found that although the vines were continuously transporting power, they seemed to be getting slower and slower. He felt that his cultivation was fixed here, so he stopped moving forward. There is no doubt that he is now a top player! But it seems very difficult to make further progress. Finally, Chen Nan used the power of the origin of time and space to decompose his body and wanted to escape the bondage of the vine. He was surprised to find that the vines were like an invisible net, which imprisoned the space, even if the body and soul turned into light, they could not rush away. In the end, he had no choice but to follow the roots and try to break away. However, he encountered great resistance when he moved forward in the root and along the root of the vine. Just like an ordinary person, swimming upstream in a big river! After all, now that he has broken down his body, his strength has broken down into hundreds of strands, swimming in hundreds of vines, all of a sudden it becomes much more difficult, and there is a feeling that he can't fight. It was not until three days later that he laboriously rushed out from the roots of the vines and entered the small lake. Quickly reorganized his body inside. At this moment, Chen Nan could not help but look up to the sky and send out a long roar, the body is surging with huge power, the power of the soul has completely returned, and now he is a real master of heaven! Strong feeling, immediately let him surge up the pride of that year. Now, even if he does not trigger the upper body of the eight souls, he is also a real master of heaven! His body glowed with splendor. Every inch of skin is surging with huge strength,akba boswellic acid, a little bit of energy, there are gusts of wind and thunder burst out from his body, it is surging vitality. It is the true power of the order of heaven.