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Shaun Reid

Got the sense ‘Jake’ was next to me telling me how he’d been sick or had been sickly or something like that.He wasn’t old, maybe 30 to 40s, wearing a black jacket.Yes, that sounds like his house.He had a black jacket that he wore quite often.The ‘sickliness’ could have been Jake’s depression.He absolutely loved the outdoors.He certainly couldn’t enjoy it as much as he liked while alive.I got the dates 16 February or 16 May.I have no idea what they mean.His birthday was March 16th.But this was so close that I call it a hit!When I asked if there’s something I can take back to Jack to show we’ve communicated and he said ‘I’ve seen the girl’, I got the impression of the name ‘Sally’.I’ve asked a number of Helpers to report to Jake and let him know that I’ve been thinking about him.The Helper I work with most is a girl.Sally isn’t the name but she’s the first thing that popped into my mind when you mentioned this.I felt he laughed wildly and he may have been a bit of a joker.He had a wild laugh and was a big joker.This is probably related to Jake’s depression.But then I could be entirely wrong about the whole thing.I was really doing it!However, the sad thing is, I still didn’t trust myself completely and my left brain kept my inner sceptic alive and well and fed it daily doses of doubt and accusations of fraud and blatant use of wild imagination.I didn’t do too many of these communications as I was having a hard time trusting the impressions I was getting, which was strange because I was getting some good results or ‘hits’ as they’re known.His centre worked with clients who were deeply grieving for the loss of a loved one and helped them facilitate their own connection.‘Is there a need for a facilitator at all?’ To answer it, he started his own online research program to see if Ma and Pa Kettle from Everydaysville could make a connection with the afterlife.Eager as a kid on Christmas morning, I got the email I was hoping for and I was now part of the official research program along with 45 other people.Over seven weeks, we would be asked to go through one task per week and then report our findings in journal form, but we were only given the following week’s task when we’d completed the journal.The imagination is the gateway to a much bigger state of awareness and if only we allowed ourselves to go with the flow we could experience some amazing things.We also had to have one target person in mind who we wanted to make contact with and usually it was a close loved one.Obviously I wanted to contact Clare, thinking that the time was right.Before we could go off hunting down our beloved on the other side we had to ‘prime the pump’.The first guided meditation involved creating a beach scene where I was asked to use my imagination to create certain elements and then ask questions and see what happened.When I asked if there was anyone on the beach who had a message for me, I felt a small dog at my feet, so I patted it.I didn’t recognise the dog, yet he was familiar in some way.Then I noticed the beach was crowded with people all looking at me.The dog turned away from me and ran back to the crowd where it jumped up into a man’s arms.The hundreds of people on the beach were just standing there, not talking, but sort of just ‘there’, sort of letting me know they were there in a way.After doing a few practice runs, I was ready to take the next big step and make contact with Clare